PIET-Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology

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Activeness Profile Completeness
1 - 18 of 1216
Youth Course Specialization Batch Rank
Rishabh Singh Rishabh Singh DE AE-Automobile Engineering 2014 1
Rahul B Jha Rahul B Jha BE BTech CS-Computer Science 2017 2
Gaurang Narendrabhai Makwana Gaurang Narendrabhai Makwana DEC ECE ENTC-Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering 2009 3
Kishan Chitroda Kishan Chitroda BE BTech Thermodynamics 2017 4
Sagar Bariya Sagar Bariya MCA Software Developer 2017 5
Pragneshkumar Shantilal Mistry Pragneshkumar Shantilal Mistry MCA Computer Application 2017 6
Dipakkumar Rohit Dipakkumar Rohit BE BTech CS-Computer Science 2017 7
Yogeshkumar Thakor Yogeshkumar Thakor Other Designing 2018 8
Parth K Patel Parth K Patel BE BTech ME-Mechanical Engineering 2011 9
Gandhi Alin Vipulkumar Gandhi Alin Vipulkumar ME-Mechanical Engineering 2013 10
Priyanka Shah Priyanka Shah MCA Computer Application 2013 11
Deep Shah Deep Shah BE BTech ECE ENTC-Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering 2014 12
Swapnil Agrawal Swapnil Agrawal BE BTech CE-Computer Engineering 2014 13
Mashkoorali Vohra Mashkoorali Vohra BE BTech ME-Mechanical Engineering 2016 14
Paresh Patanwadiya Paresh Patanwadiya MCA Software Engineering 2017 15
Jay Unewal Jay Unewal DCS Java 2014 16
Darshil Adroja Darshil Adroja PGDIT IT-Information Technology 2010 17
Nirmal Meghna R Nirmal Meghna R BE BTech CE-Computer Engineering 2016 18